I. Introduction
    A. Tools
        1. Straight blade screwdriver
        2.  Phillips screwdriver #2
        3.  7/16, socket wrenches and/or open end wrenches.
        4. Electric knife or serrated knife to cut foam
        5. Scissors
        6. Staple gun
        7. Sewing machine
        8. Lightweight floor jack. (optional)
        9. Tape measure
        10. Inch hex keys (allen wrenches)
        11. Large adjustable wrench.

    B. Charging System
    The charging system consists of the 85 Watt, 16 volt solar panel and a Four Bank plug in charger. If the solar switch is on, the programmable relay charges one battery at a time for five minutes. It then switches to the next battery. There is one relay for each battery. It take about eight hours to charge the batteries by the plug in charger.

    C. Mechanical Assembly
    The fasteners for each item are in the correct holes. When mounting an item, put all the fasteners in loosely first and then tighten them all.

D. Safety
    Install the batteries after all other assembly and wiring is complete. Raise the drive wheels off the ground so the car won't run over anyone while testing. Keep hand away from all moving parts.